Terpsichore: Scottish Dance Music


Terpsichore is the trio

Elke Baker, fiddle
Liz Donaldson, piano
Ralph Gordon, bass and cello
They play Scottish, English, and Contradance music.

Their first album Scottish Dance Music was released in October 1993. The album contains music for Scottish country dancing and Scottish-style waltzes. There are 41 tunes arranged in 13 different dances, and the total playing time is 64 minutes. All tunes are played at a suitable dance tempo. The program is as follows (click to download audio samples):

  1. Espie McNabb (4:47)
  2. Espie McNabb
    Mr. Charles Graham's Welcome Home
    Balcomie House
    Mrs. McGhie's Reel
  3. Long Pond Reel (4:48)
  4. Long Pond MP3 or WAV sample
    Cabin in the Woods
    Victoria Hornpipe
    Jack a' Tar
  5. A Set of Strathspeys (3:12)
  6. Lassie I'll Come Near You
    Mor a' Cheanniach
  7. Ellie's Jig (4:44)
  8. Ellie's Jig
    Miss Ann Monro
    All the Rage
    The New Fiddle
  9. Seann Truibhas Willichan (8:15)
  10. My Dearie MP3 or WAV sample
    Liz's Lilt
    Tae Daunton Me
    How Can I Live at the Top of the Mountain
  11. West's Hornpipe (2:26)
  12. Robertson's Hornpipe
  13. Waltz (2:47)
  14. Waltz for Mary Kay
  15. The Shuttle Bus (4:42)
  16. Bonnie Dundee
    Miss Dickson's Reel
    The Countess of Loudon's Reel
    Miss McPherson Grant of Ballindalloch's Jig
  17. Sleepy Maggie (4:38)
  18. Sleepy Maggie MP3 or WAV sample
    Miss Shepherd
    The Piper of Drummond
    Tail Toddle
  19. Birks of Invermay (8:17)
  20. Birks of Invermay
    The Red Coat
    Ghoid iad mo bhean uam an raoir
  21. Light and Airy (4:45)
  22. Light and Airy
    Miss Gordon of Park
    Bargenny's Bowling Green
    Mopsi Don
  23. Reel of the Royal Scots (4:51)
  24. Reel of the Royal Scots MP3 or WAV sample
    High Road to Linton
    Maighstir Ord (The Ale is Dear)
  25. Waltz (4:14)
  26. Rosewood Waltz

Bookings, Orders, and Information

Elke Baker—Scottish Fiddle Music
PO Box 236
Glenelg, MD 21737
(301) 854-9161