Caledonian Muse

Glenelg: Variations in Light and Shade

“Baker's fiddle nearly throws off sparks.”-Washington Post
“Some of the greatest Scottish music to be heard anywhere”-TACSound

Over the Border: Scottish and American Fiddle Music

“A CD of rare delight, precise technical skill, and fullness of soul.”-Celtic Beat
“She simply makes a feast of the Cape Breton tune “Down the Broom” and she burns down the hall on reels like “Foxhunters” and “Reel Éboulement”….This is an album  worth seeking out.”-Sing Out! Magazine

Terpsichore: Scottish Dance Music 

“Makes me want to dance!”-Dr. J. Smith, Seattle
“The surgeon general will catch up to Elke Baker one day and slap the mandatory warning sign on her forehead: 'Warning: Scottish fiddle playing can be addictive and cause toes to tap.'”-Gazette Papers

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