Glenelg: Variations in Light and Shade


Performing on this album:

Elke Baker, fiddle and viola
Myron Bretholz, bodhran
Robin Bullock, cittern and guitar
Liz Donaldson, piano and accordion
Ralph Gordon, bass
Ken Kolodner, hammered dulcimer
Marcy Marxer, percussion
Sue Richards, harp
Terry Traub, piano
Larry Unger, guitar

The program is as follows (click to download audio samples):

1     The Lime Hill (strathspey) / Devil in the Kitchen (strathspey) / Miss Drummond of Perth (strathspey) / Put Me in a Box (reel) / Margaree (reel) / Jack Daniel's (reel) / High Road to Linton (reel)  6:21
2     Miss Rattray of Dalrullzian (jig) / Mrs Small of Dirnanean (jig) / the Marchioness (jig)  3:26
3     The Steeplechase (reel) / Dunmore Lasses (reel) / The Green Fields of Antrim (reel) 4:07
4     Johnnie Cope (slow march): MP3 or WAV sample / Old Age and Young (3/2) / Elke's Favorite Scotch Measure (reel)  8:29
5     Cha bhàs thig air Laoch ach cadal (air) / Seann Triubhais Uilleachain (slow reel) / Lady Mary Hay's Scotch Measure (reel)  6:15
6     Christie Campbell (strathspey) / Ca' the Wethers to the Hill (strathspey) / Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston (reel) / Trip to Windsor (reel)  4:03
7     Crossing the Minch (hornpipe) MP3 or WAV sample  2:22
8     Rowing from Isla to Uist (air) / Katherine Oggie (reel)  5:52
9     Robert's Unreel (jig) / New Jig for Lois / The River Bend (jig)  5:00
10     Are You Sleeping Maggie (reel): MP3 or WAV sample / Jackie Tar (hornpipe) / J.D. Harrington, J.D. (hornpipe)  4:56
11     Paddy Taylor's Jig / Cliffs of Moher (jig) / Molly's Rankin's Reel / Arthur's Seat (reel) / Cape Breton Visit to Shetland (reel)  5:05
12     Thug mi gaol do'n ghille ruadh (air): MP3 or WAV sample

Total running time:  61:36

Bookings, Orders, and Information

Elke Baker—Scottish Fiddle Music
PO Box 236
Glenelg, MD 21737
(301) 854-9161