Over the Border: Scottish and American Fiddle Music


Performing on this album:

Elke Baker, fiddle and viola
Dave Wiesler, piano
Larry Unger, guitar and banjo
Ralph Gordon, bass and cello
Sue Richards, Celtic harp
Myron Bretholz, bodhran and percussion

The program is as follows (click to download audio samples):

1     Northern March      trad. Celtic    
2     Prince Charlie     trad. Scottish
3     Campbell's Farewell     trad. American     (5:10)
     (Fiddle, piano, bones, bodhran, banjo)

Slow Hornpipe & Cape Breton Reels
4     Bligh's Farewell     ©Elke Baker 1995 ASCAP
MP3 or WAV sample
5     Hughie Shortie's     Johnny Wilmot
6     Down the Broom     trad. Cape Breton
7     Father Francis Cameron     ©John Campbell     (7:03)
     (Fiddle, guitar, bass, piano)

Manx Set
8     Arrane Ghelby (Song of the Kelpie)     trad. Manx
9     Ushag Veg Ruy (Little Red Lark)     trad. Manx     (4:14)
     (Fiddle, piano)

Retreat March
10     Banks of the Lossie     P.M. Donald MacLeod     (1:53)
     (Fiddle, harp, cello)

Strathspey & Reels
11     Ruffians Rant     trad. Scottish    
12     Sandy Pond Reel     ©Elke Baker 1995 ASCAP
13     Wildcat Creek     ©Larry Unger 1991 BMI (4:41)
     (Fiddle, guitar)

Gaelic Air
14     'S coltach mi ri craobh gun duilleag   (I am Like a Tree Without Leaves)     trad. Scottish     (3:56)

Scottish March, Strathspey & Reel Set
15     Athole Volunteers March     Niel Gow
16     Miss Isabella McPherson Grant of Ballindalloch     William Marshall
17     The Merry Making     attr. Simon Fraser     (5:01)
     (Fiddle, piano)

3/2 Hornpipes
18     Barham Down     trad. English
MP3 or WAV sample
19     Gin ye won na take me, ye may let me be     trad. Scottish
20     Bobin John     trad. Scottish     (4:18)
     (Fiddle, piano)

21     Old Hag You Have Killed Me     trad. Irish
22     North Highland Dance #4     trad. Scottish
23     Upper Glencoe     ©Elke Baker 1995 ASCAP     (5:06)
     (Fiddle, piano, bodhran)

Strathspeys & Hornpipes
24     Dean Bridge of Edinburgh     Archie Allan
25     The Marble Walk     ©Elke Baker 1991 ASCAP
26     Banks     Parazotti
27     Lady Eliza Lindsay     Lady Balcarres     (5:30)
     (Fiddle, piano)

Reels in Open Tuning
28     Foxhunter's     trad. Irish
MP3 or WAV sample
29     Reel Éboulement     trad. Quebecois     (5:12)
     (Fiddle, guitar)

Song Air Improvisation
30     Will Ye Go to Flanders?     trad. Scottish     (3:57)
     (Fiddle, piano)

     Viola Air
31     The Hawthorne Tree     ©Elke Baker 1993 ASCAP     (2:40)
MP3 or WAV sample
     (Viola, harp)

Jig, Slip Jig, and 21/8
32     Grace Hay's Delight     trad. Scottish
33     New Claret     trad. Scottish
34     Doon da Rooth     trad. Shetland     (3:35)
     (Fiddle, guitar, bass)

Contradance Reels
35     Reel for Dave     ©Elke Baker 1994 ASCAP
36     Spootiskerry     Ian Burns
37     Star of Munster     trad. Irish     (5:28)
     (Fiddle, piano, bass)

38     Lillehammer Waltz     ©Jonathan Jensen 1994     (4:39)
     (Fiddle, piano)

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